Spyware, Virus & Hijack Removal and Computer Repair

Spyware, Adware, Viruses and Hijacks are infecting computers every day. All you need to do to fall victim to a compromise is simply browse the internet. It’s gotten to the point that if your business or home computer is online, you are likely to have at least some Spyware or Adware.

In extreme cases, your computer or Internet will run very slowly or your Internet may even quit working all together. Some symptoms of a Hijack include: 

    • Annoying pop-ups telling you that you are infected and urge you to buy their products to remove the problem (Don’t do this!)
    • Redirecting your home page
    • Passwords have changed
    • Unknown programs requesting access
    • Email spam being sent out
    • Changing your wallpaper

In addition to helping you eradicate these bugs, A Through Z Computing will help proactively stop an infection from hitting you again. We’ll work with you set up things like anti-virus programs, which will help us keep an eye on and fight off any known threats. We can set up spam filters and firewalls to better protect your home or business computer from compromises.

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