Business IT Department:
We are the IT Department for many businesses. We provide on-site and remote support to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. We understand that in many cases urgency is a must to keep you from losing money while your employees are waiting for systems or servers to get back up and running. We have a help desk department that can answer your questions quickly and we have technicians that can be dispatched for on-site issues.  We'll be there for you, evenings, weekends, and holidays to ensure your business is running.  Call us today for your free 2 hour business consultation.*

Virus and Malware Removal:
Spyware, Adware, Viruses and Hijacks are infecting computers everyday. If your business or home computer is online, you are likely to have at least some Spyware or Adware. In extreme cases your computer or Internet will run very slowly or you may not even be able to get online. Symptoms of a Hijack include annoying pop-ups, redirecting your home page, changing your wallpaper and more. Call us and we'll help you eradicate these bugs.

Full PC Tuneup:
We offer full PC tuneups for our customers. We will sweep your computer for viruses, malware, hijacks, etc. We will update software on your computer including, but not limited to, installing Windows updates, Adobe, Java and antivirus software.  We also remove bugs that are embedded in your browsers. We check to make sure your Windows files are not corrupt. We ensure your computer is running at its optimum speed. We'll get your computer up and running on the same day or next day. Plus, we are ready to help you where you are: in-store, on-site or online. Call today to schedule an appointment! 



We are committed to providing you and your business with the best customer service available in the industry.

Cloud Solutions:
Do you want access to your data anytime and anywhere?  The Cloud might be the solution for you or your business. You and your colleagues can share resources and data on demand.  We can migrate your existing email or data to the cloud without your business being disrupted.

Your data needs to be protected. Our team of computer experts will ensure your data is protected from hackers, and competitors. In addition, we will make sure you have the proper backups in place to recover your data in case of a disaster.

In order to meet your computing needs, our computer experts will make suggestions to update your software or hardware. Have you upgraded to Windows 10? The deadline for the free upgrade is coming up soon. Do you want your computer to perform faster without buying a new system?  A solid state hard drive might be the upgrade you are looking for. These new drives are much faster, use less energy and more reliable since there are no moving parts inside, unlike traditional hard drives. Do you need more memory to optimize your productivity?  We offer solutions for all of your computing needs.

We are open 7 days a week to service your computer and network.  Call today to schedule an appointment.  970-204-4778

Your local skilled technicians can deploy new servers and migrate old servers to new platforms. We can monitor and maintain your servers to ensure optimum performance.  We perform all updates and maintenance during non-working hours so there will be no interruptions for your employees.

A Through Z Computing offers a full range of products.  With an extensive network of vendors, we can offer the best pricing and availability on the products that you need to optimize your computers, servers and network. We also have a partnership with Dell computers. This partnership allows us to get the best pricing on the highest quality computers. We can customize your order so you get exactly what you need, saving you time and money. 

We can design, configure, and install a network that is right for you or your business. We install wired and wireless networks for home users and businesses.  No job is too big or too small.

Is your data backed-up? We highly recommend having an automatic backup that is off-site. Off-site backup services are an inexpensive have to give you peace of mind when saving the contents of your site. A Through Z Computing is a partner with Carbonite. Start Now


Do you know what cabling is right for your network? A Through Z Computing can help. There are a number of factors that need to be considered: bandwidth needs, your network environment, your expected future bandwidth requirements and your budget.

Data Recovery:
We have the tools to recover your data from hard drives, external drives, cameras, etc.  Let our team of experts help you get your data back!